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AQ1200 operation guide

AQ1205A with PON Option

How to use OTDR for testing(YOKOGAWA AQ1200)

How to use OTDR for testing by YOKOGAWA AQ1200*Beginner* 20-Dec-16(Speak Khmer)
apr : Very bad sound
jan love you : Good
FREDERICK ANDULAN : stupid on your procedure. you should clean the connector
Peter Hoebarth : Why 1.500 nm ? Oh, Earth is flat.

DC Audio Lvl4 12s-AQ1200-2010 Ford Taurus

Newly installed box for both of my Lvl4s. 6" aeroport 11 " long. Tuned to 34hz.
phatheaded : where u get grill from? That would look great on my S.H.O. I live in D.C. so we wouldn't cross paths lol. check mine out
Matt Hoover : I custom made it. I had to cut the stock grill out and replace it with black diamond mesh.
joseph russell : I have a black 2012 sel model with identical ad-on minus the tinted rear and front light and that grille
Gary Bonner : Hey Matt, im having issues with noise in subs using factory radio. Did u use line out converter? I grabbed signal from back door speaker. Not seeming to be a good idea
warheros87 : How did you bypass the Sony amp?




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