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matsuda. - hlava jak megatron [prod. matsuda]

dlouho jsem nic nevydal, tak tu mate jednu mrdku z pripravovaneho alba, snad se bude libit! jo a pro zajemce a fanousky me hudby, tento track bude do official releasu pouze tady na youtube (takze na spotify apod bud ready do budoucna kamosu).

prod a ostatni veci:
@matsuda_xl (jo a hod follow na ig pro info na album a spoustu dalsich picovin)
urb4n : Tvl, málem mi to odpálilo subák, FIREEEEE
Tosuaw : Sounds crazy famo
haruno : jaka střela
Kouba Houba : Fireee
sensation1337 : <33333

Making of Matsuda Eyewear | Made in Japan

Shop the Matsuda Eyewear collection now:



More info:

"All of our eyewear is painstakingly crafted by hand in the artisanal eyewear workshops of Japan. Each Matsuda creation represents over 45 years of design history and heritage. Only the finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating are used in each creation."

Director: Chris Greco
Director of Photography: Chris Greco
Director of Photography: Raul Gasteazoro
Director of Photography: Chet Hay
Editor: Ken Mowe
Music: Chad Gendason
Colorist: Julian King
Production: Mechanisma
Executive Producer: James Kisgen
operamatt : wonder if that factory is just for them and only make matsuda glasses there
vinay nagdev : Excellent craftsmanship |
George Stephenopolous : Looks like a factory anywhere in Asia really. I'm sure they have better QC but the techniques are probably not any more advanced than you would get elsewhere.
Vega 23 : i want a pair
Trigger : C'est cela, la qualité des petits ateliers de l'arrière-pays japonais <3 !

Unpacking of Matsuda 2809 H

The MATSUDA 2809 is one of the most sought after frames from MATSUDA and in the eyewear industry in general. Originally made famous by the movie Terminator 2 when Linda Hamilton (a.k.a. Sarah Connor) featured it in the film. MATSUDA has decided to bring back the model as a limited edition frame, only 250 of each color has been handmade. It includes a special edition bamboo box made just for the frame and its removable side shields, definitely a true collectors piece.
Uwe Lehmann : Hey, thank you for this video. Are they still available? :)
I love them since T2
Rabbit : Steel the coolest steam punk Sunglasses never create. I've got an original pair buy 10 years ago. :)
Roger L : Nice!
Jesus Alonso : Donde puedo conseguir unos en mexico o alguna página para pedirlos ??
Batman : Cool....i got the bronze one..cost me 2000 usd..this model is no longer available 2809 H. Its a legend. And congrats on your glasses. Its the real thing. Not some cheap china replica. How much did you pay for the silver one?




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