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Soviet Hotel Review #2 Hotel Cosmos, Moscow

Join me on a tour of the Hotel Cosmos. Built for the 1980 Olympic games it's staff have been servicing tourists ever since.
loveaodai100 : Another great video. In 2002 I had the good fortune of staying at the enormous Russia Hotel overlooking Red Square. I have wonderful memories of that place and sadly it has since been demolished. For those who are used to five star international luxury I share a different type of luxury regarding some aspects of those days ways which I think you (Bald and Bankrupt) will understand. Everything serviced at the Russia Hotel was rather relaxed... slow moving... when the staff got the necessary energy level the need was serviced. Compare this with international standard five star service of today in Russia or elsewhere where the personnel must be at constant attention always on the lookout for a rogue speck of dust all the time exuding the aura of stress whereas the old style exuded the aura of being relaxed. Yes... being relaxed is true luxury!
Michael Haakenson : Stayed there in 1985. Room looks just like I remember except we didn’t have the catalog of services.
Mr Incredible : There used to be a campground next to the hotel. I camped there in 1982 with a couple of American friends. I don’t recall any prostitutes but we did meet some local teenagers at the nightclub who offered to trade a Soviet flag for some of our clothing. They followed us back to our tent to execute the trade but the police showed up. The locals ran off and we were cowering in our tent while the policemen circled our tent for a half hour shouting. We were terrified since black market activity was illegal. After a while we got some sleep. The next morning when I opened up the tent there was a police officer sitting on our camp table. He didn’t look at us or say a word. Just sat there. We quietly packed up our Lada sedan and got the hell out of there. After two days on a train we crossed the iron curtain into Austria. What a huge relief. We were smart asses back in those days
Head Studios : "Be careful of the freelancers they don't all have their chlamydia certificates." Lol dude I'm dying at your channel.
drjohnson98 : The room is very similar, but larger by about a third, to one that I stayed in in the old Intourist Hotel that stood on Tverskaya Ulitsa just off of Red Square in the late Soviet days (1990). Cosmos actually doesn't look bad, I've stayed in (much) worse in various parts of Russia. And for 50 bucks close the the Center and on a metro with VDNKh Park across the street, not a bad deal.

Cosmos - Moscow Legendary, Largest & Most Famous Hotel on #DifferentRussia

The legendary, largest \u0026 most famous Cosmos Hotel is located at Prospect Mira almost in the center of Moscow. The main Exhibition Center VDNKh – is located just in front of Cosmos Hotel.

Leisure and Recriation VDNKh Park in Moscow

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A few words about me. My name is Valeria. I have lived in Moscow all my life. I was born here. So my native language is Russian and I can speak English rather fluently.

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Shirley Shouse : So wonderful for this opportunity for real people in USA and Russia to finally get to know each other it is a FTE come true for all of us and I know it is a beginning but fills my heart with joy for our countries to get to know each other. So happy this can now happen.
David Christensen : I stayed here. It was a nice place. I did enjoy the breakfast buffet they had every morning. There is the museum of Russian space history across the way to the hotel. The best experience I had in Russia was at the space museum and bus loads of kids that showed up the day I went. It is a long story if you want to hear it message me I will send it to you. But is shows just how our government need to listen to our youth of our countries. I was given gifts form the space museum. They sent me a message and sent me space food, space juice in tubes and then vodka in a space package. I ended up spending 7 hours with the kids at the museum
Buckshot_lefonk : I spent a few days in this hotel once when in Moscow.
For I'm French, it's quite funny to see this statut of General de Gaulle in front of the hotel, felt like I was welcome! ;)
Not so much to say about the hotel itself, very huge indeed. Nonetheless, there's a large swimming pool in the basement as well as a complete fitness center with sauna, which is great when you stay for a while.
ldjtje : Congratulation with your son's second place my friend. You can be very proud indeed. I Always enjoy your videos, and this is a good one aswell. Thank you for sharing.
عامر كاظم - AMER KADHIM : I lived in this hotel for 5 days in August 2015 and I have wonderful memories in there

360 VR Tour | Moscow | Cosmos Hotel | Inside and Outside | Air panoramic mode | No comments tour

This awesome virtual reality 360 degree VR tour video (with Air-panoramic mode), shot on a journey to Moscow city and its main attractions and sights like Cosmos Hotel (with statue of Charles de Gaulle).
Video filmed on camera Samsung Gear 360 (which is similar in quality to the Nikon Keymission 360 camera). This tour can be viewed perfectly on any smartphone, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
Using different vr headsets, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Sony Playstation VR, Google Cardboard and Google Daydream View, feel the amazing experience and immerse yourself in VR adventure in your home!

360° Video with air-panoramic mode.
Shooting date: 26 August 2017
Anjali : I love your channel and am so grateful that it exists .
Mehrnaz Khezri : Hello! How can I contact you for some inquiry?
VR World 360 : Thank You!!!


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