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2019 GEHL RT215 SKID STEER Test Run and Initial Thoughts

Join me as I borrow my friend John's new 2019 Gehl RT215 skid steer to take it for a test run and get some initial thoughts and comparisons. John owns H and H Pest control and covers all of Southern Illinois and is super reliable, so if you are anywhere down in this area and need any kind of pest control look him up at (618) 771-3774. Now on to the skid steer. Gehl has a unique hydraulic track tension system that is really slick. Basically every time you turn the machine off it will loosen the tension on the tracks automatically, thereby adding life to the whole track system. They also have a really good traction control system (there are several videos out there on it) that works great in slippery conditions. Join me in the cab as I take a test run, run it up to full speed, do a little skid steer loader work, and then run it over some really rough ground (kind of fast..) to really get a feel for how rough the ride might be in rough terrain. As far as me personally, I am looking for the most comfortable ride available since I need 3 back surgeries that I am try to hold off as long as I possibly can! Thanks for joining me, please hit the Like button if you enjoyed the video, and subscribe to follow all of our land management projects, Tractor projects, excavator projects, DIY landscaping, Illinois and Kentucky land management, DIY Rustic home decor, some hunting, fishing and much more country living adventure. Thank you! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, one acre at a time.
Our current equipment lineup:
Bobcat e42 mini excavator
Branson 79845c 78hp Utility tractor
Polaris Ranger XP1000 Northstar
Polaris Ranger XP900
Intimidator Electric HD UTV
Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel
Chevy Silverado 3500 Dump truck
Kawasaki Brute Force 750 ATV
ALPHA X : Hello i hope all is going well bro. I had been shopping for a few months on various skid steers myself. I had the opportunity to demo several machines for a week at a time. In the end it was down to the cat 259D3 and the bobcat T595. I had both machines at my home for the week. It was really hard to decide honestly which one to buy they both had pretty much the same options. But in the end i decided to go with the bobcat. Reason being the bobcat was faster and it is one of the fastest on the market if not the fastest. Plus the ride was more comfortable and the cab was quieter than the cat. The warranty in Indiana was also better for the bobcat than the cat. I also got the led light kit from bobcat for the sides man you talk about seeing whats going on around you its like a spaceship! It makes it nice you can go to bobcats website and type in the the T595 and compare all competitors specs side by side. I have a lot of friends that have been in different manufactures like cat and many others to get the low down on the good and the ugly about different machines. it boiled down to the cat and bobcat over any other i tested. I know a lot of people are stuck on equipment like trucks but i like seeking out the best to have the best regardless on the name. The only thing that surprised me bobcat did not have bluetooth on the machine. I went online and picked up the same radio plug and play with bluetooth for $130.00 problem solved.I also am glad i got the sidetracks installed. I hope this may help you out a little bit take your time and good luck bro!
Bdoodee : Couldn’t watch past 2:40..... that dog yapping in the background was too much
Bryan Flaig : We have a Kubota 75-2 and a Bobcat T-595 at the farm... T-595 hands down!!!!
Todd Reynolds : So who is the true manufacturer of that straight up bottom cuz. Geil , yanmar and. Few years ago techuchi all were identical made machine
John Long : Comfort is the asv, cat only makes good large equipment, their compact stuff is basic for options they only just did digital displays . Gehl shouldn't even be in the running for anything, same with case. Bobcat is great, kubota, takeuchi, deere.
aj12271 : I think Takeuchi used to make Gehl & Mustang track skidsteers. Not sure if that's still going on. If not Gehl took some design ideas from Tak, like the door opening up & in instead of swinging out.
Alessandro Vargas : translate to portuguese Brazil
Tree Climber : I believe ya want a High Flow for breaking up rocks or concrete.
Weee new toys
Blu Allred : I got to demo a 3200VT and the ass end on that thing was incredible. Not to mention the lift power. I lifted a full stack of OSB That was wet and it lifted it up no Problem. * EDIT* I also got to demo a CAT 289 and that machine was not even comparable to the lift Power that the gehl had.
T F : Any filter near an exhaust is probably a bad idea?

Gehl R190 Skid Loader Overview by Sterling Equipment & Repair

Join Craig Kesteloot, owner at Sterling Equipment \u0026 Repair, for an in-depth overview of the Gehl R190 Skid Steer. In this video we highlight our advantages over the competition as well the ease of servicability and many other key features.
ala2121 : We're kind of snooping around for a smaller model (my wife feels more comfortable using the smaller models). Do the R105 and R135 come with optional joystick control? And roughly, what is the price difference between the two?
jackefrost : we have a 4640 and it is a nice unit but a few things that I don't like is the cab it only has a layer of foam between the fram and cab and that gets all messed up, the heat work bad in ours but it is an older unit so maybe they improved on that love the T bar controls but not a lot in the way of attachment controls on the handles.
Dominykas Gudėnas : Why you didn't mentioned hydraulic oil filter?? Because it's in shitty place, and it takes some nerves to replace it...
Rodney Palmer : Nice unit!

In Search of the Human Scale | Jan Gehl | TEDxKEA

For the past 50 years, urban planners have gone out of their way to build grandiose cities, with large open spaces to accommodate traffic and awe-inspiring views to impress the inhabitants. \r
Inadvertently, these cities that look inspiring from the window of an airplane or a car, offer very little to the pedestrian. Public spaces become uninviting and uninspiring, discouraging people from physical activities or from merely enjoying their surroundings. \r
With obesity and other lifestyle-associated problems on the rise, it is more important than ever to build cities for people. Cities that move at 5km/h.

Dubbed “the last living worldwide renowned guru in urbanism” legendary architect Jan Gehl has been rebuilding cities to accommodate the needs of modern societies throughout half a century. He has been involved in rebuilding most large cities imaginable, from Sao Paolo to New York, to Copenhagen, to Moscow, to Singapore.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Sbjctv DESIGN : This is making me change the way I think about designing buildings as well. Gotta stop looking at them from above
Emanuel Frediani : Estaria bueno tenerlo con subtítulos en español. Seria mas inclusivo
Mark Crepe : Does anyone know if they Mayor of Bogota he is quoting is Enrique Pena Sola? I am having a hard time finding the actual quote to site for a paper I'm working on...any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Michelle Pazarán : Simply exquisite!
Александър Дедов : I really love his jokes! And I think I definitely have to read a book of his.
Lamia Kocaman : Verry interesting. Thank you for uploading.
Tigerlily : i love this man and everything he researched
Houry Jamgotchian : so cute
Ch Hussain : I have no more grudge on my teacher; now i understand but she should have enlightened me. so after all she was a lousy teacher
Kristian : Wise man, unfortunately no one listened when Copenhagen was expanded in Nordhavnen and Ørestaden..




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