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Почему Болгары Сделали БМП Из "Гвоздики"?

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Почему Болгары Сделали БМП Из "Гвоздики"?
Pavel Iliev : Я воевал на этой машине в Ираке , у меня очень хорошие впечатления о ней .То , что мне больше всего нравится в ней это большой вертикальный угол наведения пушки очень полезно при стрельбе по тебе из зданий . Пушка достаточно точная и скорострельная , прорывает все виды стен и укрытий . Отсек для солдат больше, чем у БМП-1 и более удобнее для выхода . Что-то вроде вердикт: лучше, чем БМП-1 и хуже, чем Брэдли.
Sasha67 Baranov : На Сахалине, в восьмидесятых, в пехотных частях было некоторое количество болгарских МТЛБВ. Использовались как БМП.
Jordan Jordanov : Пропустили еще одну модернизацию - заменили двигатель ЯМЗ-238 на Cummins. А пользовали 23 мм пушку, потому что такую производили на Арсенал Казанлък. Просто БМП-23 ето болгарское импортозамещение. БМП1 и БМП-2 были в несколько раз дороже, чем ето машина. В етот момент 2 батальона изпользуют по 30 машин и все остальное на склад за запчастей.
baginatora : Интересное видео. Привет из Болгарии :)
Пожалуйста, не думайте плохо о нормальньiе люди. Я тоже общяюсь с русские- тоже 50/50, как и болгарьi.
Ivan Al : Машина в Ираке не била потеряна, евакуирали. Я свидетелем бил. Мех-водител получил Крест за службу!

Hellenic Army ZU 23-2 on BMP 1 live fire exercise.

Hellenic Army National Guard shooting with ZU 23-2 on BMP1 in a live fire exercise.
The ZU 23-2, also known as ZU-23, is a Soviet towed 23x152 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon. ZU stands for Zenitnaya Ustanovka (Russian: Зенитная Установка) - anti-aircraft mount.
NobleGrizzlyBear : In Bulgaria we changed the standard 73mm cannon with the ZU 23 and called it BMP 23. The configuration makes it suitable for urban combat and a mobile anti-air platform with a range of 2000 meters. Also the hull is bases on the MT-LB but with thicker armor and a more powerful diesel engine. Included variants are the BMP 23D which include Fagot ATGM and 81mm smoke grenade launchers and the BMP 30 modified with the 30 mm auto cannon of the BMP 2.
SPY VAR : Σαν συνδυασμός δεν είναι άσχημος, τα ZU 23 όμως μετά από τόσα χρόνια στον ΕΣ θα έπρεπε να είχαν ήδη αναβαθμισθεί (σκοπευτικό, ηλεκτροϋδραυλική περιστροφή).
Kõivupuu : interesting i have never seen a ZSU 23 2 on a BMP 1 or any armoured vehicle.
Simon Yip : Interesting that the Greek army uses a mix of both Russian/Soviet made and US/Western European made weapons.
Телевизор Самсунгович : Никогда не видел такой конструкции.

The BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle : Overview/Opinions

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The BMP-3 or БМП-3 is a Russian amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2. The abbreviation BMP stands for Boevaya Mashina Pehoty 3 (Боевая Машина Пехоты, literally "Infantry Combat Vehicle"). It is Russia's heavy Infantry Transporter and the BMP-3 packs some serious firepower.

The design of the BMP-3 or Obyekt 688M can be traced back to the Obyekt 685 light tank prototype with 100 mm gun 2A48-1 from 1975. This vehicle did not enter series production, but the chassis, with a new engine, was used for the next-generation infantry combat vehicle Obyekt 688 from A. Blagonravov's design bureau. The Ob. 688 weapons configuration—an externally mounted 30 mm gun and twin Konkurs ATGM launcher—was rejected; instead the new 2K23 armament system was selected. The resulting BMP-3 was developed in the early 1980s and entered service with the Soviet Army officially in 1987. It was shown for the first time in public during the 1990 Victory Day parade and was given the NATO code IFV M1990/1.
The BMP-3 is designed and produced by the Kurganmashzavod ("Kurgan Machine Building Plant") some variants however are built by the Rubtsovsk Machine Building Plant (RMZ), for example the BRM-3K.
In May 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry signed a three-year contract to receive "hundreds" of BMP-3 vehicles to maintain its armored vehicle force until its replacement, the Kurganets-25, completes research and development. In the process of the BMP-s serial production, the vehicle's design underwent 1,500 amendments.

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BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Sessile Nomad : They have made a new BMP-3, the 'Dragoon'. Its internal layout is different, with the engine at the front like in most western IFVs. More space in the back, and easier for troops to dismount quickly. Probably other small improvements here and there also. :-)
Bling Bling : Diesel fuel has great mechanical properties as a barrier to threats. Even if the fuel cell is low or empty, an inert gas generated by the exhaust of the engine can be a good replacement. I'm not a fan of aluminum armor. It's more expensive per kilo to manufacture and work with for only a ten percent gain in strength. Steels are highly customizable for good value.
TheMarineGamer IGGHQ : That race with the BTR looked hilarious xD I could almost hear the driver shouting in Russian clearly happily xD
A Salty Crewman : Hey Matsimus! Love all the armour/aircraft videos you've been pumping out, been learning a lot! Any chance you could also cover the legacy BMPs (I.e. BMP-1 and BMP-2) as well as the BMD airborne IFV series?
DaOneJoel : I love these, keep it up. One small wish though, I would love to know the torque output of these engines right off the bat, comparing these low revving beasts by peak power seems a little unfair :)




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