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New Year Music Mix 2021 ♫ Best Music 2020 Party Mix ♫ Remixes of Popular Songs

New Year Music Mix 2021 ♫ Best Music 2020 Party Mix ♫ Remixes of Popular Songs
00:00 Coopex \u0026 Yohan Gerber - Radioactive (ft. LUNIS)
02:16 Robbe, New Beat Order \u0026 Britt Lari - Kings \u0026 Queens
04:43 Coopex - You Broke Me First (ft. Britt Lari)
07:21 Harddope - Heathens (Feat. Halvorsen)
09:34 2Hounds, Derrick Ryan - Break My Heart
12:18 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour - Faded
14:41 Besomorph \u0026 Anthony Keyrouz - Apologize (ft. Lunis)
16:58 BIMONTE \u0026 CRIZBI - Whenever, wherever
19:28 Marin Hoxha feat. Tara Louise - Rhythm Of The Night
22:22 Coopex \u0026 New Beat Order - Heroes (ft. LUNIS)
24:50 Alban Chela \u0026 Britt Lari - Paradise
27:25 Heyder \u0026 Navaro \u0026 Taylor Mosley - What Is Love
30:28 EQRIC \u0026 Finnet - Lights (ft. Polina Grace)
32:54 Harddope \u0026 Lunis - Summertime Sadness
35:21 EMDI - We Are Perfect (ft. Britt Lari)
37:58 Arc North x Badjack x Cour - Down
40:18 Besomorph \u0026 Anthony Keyrouz - Death Bed (ft. Lunis)
42:36 Coopex - Falling (ft. Tim Moyo)
45:14 Maestro Chives - Play Me
47:46 Despotem \u0026 Austin salter - Dont start Now
50:05 Moha, Irma \u0026 meqq - ily
52:21 Krayvent ft. BTMX - I Ran (So Far Away)
55:53 EQRIC \u0026 Finnet - Lights (ft. Polina Grace)
58:19 Arcando - Habits (feat. LUNIS)
1:00:39 EQRIC \u0026 Bottle Flip - Love You Like A Love Song
1:03:38 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour \u0026 Aaron Richards - Numb
1:05:44 Tabba x Dj Goja - Secrets
1:09:15 Arc North - Limbo (ft. Veronica Bravo) [NORTON \u0026 Cour Remix]
1:13:07 PRMGH - Stay Here
1:16:00 MOMO Soundz \u0026 Julii Romero \u0026 Javier Zacharias - There He Goes

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New Year Music Mix 2020 Best Music 2019 of Magic Records | No Copyright EDM

New Year Music Mix 2020 Best Music 2019 of Magic Records | No Copyright EDM
Customer Support on Discord: https://discord.gg/z9QNAnr
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Usage Policy: https://magicmusicllc.com/
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Contact us: hi@magicmusic.io

✔️ Tracklist:
00:00 Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Coopex, EBEN, Sarah De Warren Cover) [COPYRIGHTED DO NOT USE] ✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/dncmk
02:57 Jordan Schor \u0026 Marvin Divine - Want It All
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bnWj
06:13 2nd Life \u0026 Far Loss - No Mercy
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/crhi
07:28 Smoozie - Close To Hell
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/clsthll
09:11 Coopex - Say It Now
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/7k3d
10:27 Vince Johnson \u0026 Ez Quew - Gimme More (feat. Sarah De Warren \u0026 Oscar Del Amor)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/gmmr
13:20 Edwince \u0026 Svniivan \u0026 Mitchell Martin - Euphoria
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/nhd7
16:36 BRAN - Tonight
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/crPe
19:11 Arc North - Limbo (ft. Veronica Bravo)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/LimboArcNorth
21:56 Marin Hoxha, CryJaxx \u0026 Kynez - As I Am (feat. jfarr)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/asIam
25:20 Raven Link \u0026 Vin Bogart - Bleeding
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/b87g
28:15 Dreameater - Sarah de Warren - The Voices
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/thvcs
31:14 ROY KNOX - Lost In Sound
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/lis
33:50 Romen Jewels - Heaven (feat. Aloura)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/jas8
36:33 Svniivan - Loveblind
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bWCP
39:44 NOIXES - Hold You Down (ft. miles monaco)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bwXu
42:52 Rival x Max Hurrell - Demons (ft. Veronica Bravo)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bnB4
46:36 TH3 DARP X Godmode - Samurai
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/b6VM
50:04 Jim Yosef \u0026 Elisha Sounds - Ignite
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bmiW
53:50 Arc North - Catch Me When I Fall (ft. Sarah de Warren)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bnJE
56:42 Alban Chela - Still Hurts (Ft. Veronica Bravo)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/stillhurts
59:54 Psyrus - Lights Out (Original Version)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bGdH
1:03:07 Nimi Dovrat - Run With You (feat.Shannon Lawn)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/ccKA
1:05:29 Axol \u0026 Alban Chela - Psyche
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/psyche
1:08:36 Onur Ormen \u0026 LBLVNC - Fortune
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bnkK
1:11:50 Skvor - Shine
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/kas8
1:14:38 CryJaxx - You Need You (feat. Rosendale)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/yndy
1:17:56 Anikdote - Victim (Ft. Aminita Francis)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/vctm
1:20:52 ROY KNOX - Firefly
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/b7AD
1:24:07 The FifthGuys \u0026 Coffeeshop - She Makes Me (ft H3R0)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/shmm
1:27:53 DG812 - In Your Eyes
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/j3sy
1:31:49 2nd Life - Show You (feat. FETH)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/b7i9
1:35:28 Marin Hoxha - Good Times (feat. Tara Louise)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/gdtms
1:39:09 Nytrix \u0026 Kaskobi - Memories Are Loud
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/o9qw
1:42:52 Tomline - Bridge
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bridge
1:45:53 JURGAZ \u0026 QV!N - Pure
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/ja9
1:49:04 Taw, Mylky \u0026 M.I.M.E - Renegades (The FifthGuys \u0026 Coffeeshop Remix)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/cbtw
1:52:24 Falling North - Olympia (feat. Harley Bird)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/olymp
1:55:17 Vince Johnson - Alpha
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/alph
1:59:17 Axile - Anymore (feat. Kaine)
✔️ Stream/Download: https://fanlink.to/bm3a

New Year 2020
New Year Mix
Best music
Best of 2019
Music Mix
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Deep Feelings Mix | Deep House, Vocal House, Nu Disco, Chillout #23

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Deep Feelings Mix | Deep House, Vocal House, Nu Disco, Chillout #23

Photo By: opheliamillaiss



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