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Top 5 Uses for a Band Saw | How to Use a Bandsaw

Want to know how to use a bandsaw? I’ll show you my top 5 uses for a band saw and how it works in my shop. The bandsaw is a great woodworking tool to add to any woodshop to help you resaw lumber, cut circles with a bandsaw circle cutting jig or just make curves. I hope these tips and tricks will help you use your bandsaw in your own shop! #woodworking #bandsaw #quicktips

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DIY Tyler circle jig -
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And for a great video on setting up your bandsaw check out this one from Marc Spagnoulo and Alex Snodgrass:
Michelle Moscardelli : Thanks for the tutorial.. Love it!
Yedi Suryadi : Sir,I created bandsaw,always failed,
Yulian Murphy : Hello from Indonesia. Thank you for a great and sharp review, now I am very certain to owning a bandsaw. By the way, your English speaking is very clear for non English native speaker like myself
mike joseph : freaking awesome man ...I learned a lot here today ; great tips ...well done (-:
Cesar Torres : I'm looking to buy my first bandsaw for cutting wood and steel. However, I don't have a big budget. Looking for something around the $500 range. I make knives and this would be a great addition to my tools. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.
MOHAMAD RIZAN GULAM HUSSEIN - : hai.... can i know this bandsaw model you use....isit heavy duty?
Diderik van Loef : Hi there .... I Just can't het my blade stiff enough to make curves. I crancked IT up if it was a guitar snaren, but still It's bending with every direction I want the curves to be. Can you help me with that problem?
Michael : you have the same Jet bandsaw I have being delivered today lol
SpaceWalla : Great help. Thanks

8 Ideas for IMPROVING a Bandsaw

If you have similar or smaller machines bought from a harbor freight or home depot, then you can easily improve your machines
A band saw is a great tool, but to be able to use it with more pleasure I decided to improve it.
I have been collecting ideas for improvement for a long time. The most important for me was to raise the machine, add rotary wheels and extend the vice. From the moment I bought it, I knew that I would have to take care of it, but I also knew that over time there would be more problems that I would have to solve, so I delayed it almost a year.
Now the band saw meets all my expectations and I think I will be very happy with these improvements.

I made the base from 2 mm sheet. This is sufficient thickness.
The wheels are 10 cm / 2.5 in diameter and each can withstand a weight of 80 kg, together 240 kg, so there is some reserve.

I bought the lamp online. It was expensive but gives very good and bright light. Thanks to 24V connection it is safe for my health and life.

If you need more information, write a question in the comment, I will try to write back.

Some tools I use in my constructions:

Self made:
Belt grinder 2x48 -

Hydraulic Vise -

Drill press STAND with COOLANT SYSTEM -

Welder IDEAL Tecnomig 200GD
LATHE Cormak 330x770
Band saw Stiler BS 712R
Drill press ZX7016
Tap holder King tony 39124012m

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How to make
MARK SAROVICH : Excellent Designs and Fabrication. Please provide me with the hydraulic vice data? Vendor , Make , Model??
scorupa : Masz zajebiste pomysły i przede wszystkim wcielasz je w życie
Dav Treloar : 1.4 minutes in you used some Vise jaws to bend the steel, can you share the name, brand, link to a source to purchase please? Regards David in Australia
Janusz Staszak : Fajny filmik, pomocny mam jedno pytanie jak się nazywa ta wymienna końcówka do wkrętarki na którą zakładasz gwintowniki maszynowe i ich używasz razem z wkrętarka?
Eduardo Pal : Show
Paul Morrey : Thanks
Toni Andov : Awesome. You can do two more improvements, so, first to install frequency regulator for blade speed and second to mount brushes for cleaning debris from blade.
Fabrizio Bernasconi : Sei bravissimo!!!
ruben pedro beroch : Very good video, today I bought a saw without, I plan to make several of these great ideas
Mateusz B : Cześć. Te gwintowniki na wkrętarkę to są takie zwykłe, które można mocować w uchwycie ręcznym? (wtedy chyba są trzystopniowe, trzy sztuki po kolei a Ty robisz na raz). Znalazłem tylko uchwyty na wkrętarkę do gwintowników 1/4".

Bandsaw Hacks - 5 Band Saw Tips and Tricks

The Bandsaw is one of woodworking most valuable machines because of it's versatility and ease of use, for cutting veneers, wood joints, round or square cuts and all with the help of a diversity of bandsaw blades, bandsaw jigs and bandsaw techniques.
In this video, I provide 5 woodworking tips and tricks for bandsaws.

Bandsaw Blade Repair:

How to Change a Bandsaw Blade \u0026 Tension Bandsaw Blades:

How to Make a Circle Cutting Jig for a Bandsaw:

How to Setup a Bandsaw:



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Wendell Stroup : its called "resaw"....cutting a Kerf with the tablesaw is a good idea.
hikerdude82 : Very cool!! Just ordered my very first bandsaw. Cant wait for it to show up. Finally going to add some true curve cutting capacity to my shop.
Rob DAlessandro : Thanks, great tips!
Carlos Córdova : what model the band saw is?
RS 1990 : Are all bandsaw blades intended for 'combination' purposes? i.e. using one blade for cross-cutting, ripping, mitre cutting (along the bias), etc.
A blade with finer teeth should be used for cutting non-ferrous metals e.g. aluminum or copper.
DRJMF1 : which delta model can cut 4 inch x 4inch timber please ? I would like the smallest lightest model to cut 4inch wood, mortice and tenon joints.thank you.
That Ellipsis Guy : Will there be another video with hacksaw bands?
paul sanders : nice videos but i have a problem ive been using a old 3 wheel bandsaw and latly the blade keeps going of track braking the blades so my wife got me a new parksaide went ok the next day the bottom tyre keeps slipping of now ive looked and looked and few say glue tyre down should solve problem so i went back on old bandsaw glued tyre on tried it works great should i do same to new bandsaw gluing the tyre down as its brand new
Scott Ragland : Just got a bandsaw. Great tips. Thanks.
Steve Ho : Where did he get the big tension knob and big spring for bandsaw


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