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LG 3D TV LM5800 Quick Overview: Unboxing, Initial Setup and Firmware Update

This is the unboxing, installation, initial setup and firmware update for the 42LM5800 LG 3D TV (found as LM5850 at some retailers). Table of contents:
Start - Unboxing
2:13 - Installation of the base
3:30 - Connections panel
4:12 - Initial setup
5:20 - Menu overview
5:48 - Firmware update
More info at www.lg.com, firmware update and upgrade instructions can be found under Support - http://www.lg.com/ca_en/support-product/lg-42LM5800
LoveMTB : I'm very happy with it and the 3D is unexpectedly good. Some reviews mention poor upscaling performance but I can't say that I have noticed it at all. I have not played media from usb but it is a decent DLNA player with minimal controls and it played pretty much everything I've thrown at it (no ISO files though).
Felipe Silva : Ok mate, so it's a really good model actually !!!! thank you for reply and have good xmas !!!!
LoveMTB : For the money I paid, equivalent to a 42" BRAVIA led EX440, it was no contest. It has great IQ, nice modern design, and the passive 3D came as a bonus. Great bang for the buck in my opinion. And yes, 3D is good, my family loves it.
LoveMTB : It is pretty loud, good for everyday TV watching. As usual with these slim panels, you can improve its sound using a sound bar, receiver, etc. I use the optical/ digital audio out to a receiver.
Fausto Rosales : I got an LG 47" lm4600. When I plug it in and try to turn it on, nothing happens. It's a two prong plug.

How to Update LG TV firmware with USB drive to Fix software errors

Tutorial guide Installing TV firmware update upgrade software using USB drive, go to https://www.lg.com/us/support/software-firmware-drivers then type in your TV model to download zip file. Format USB drive to Fat32 before dropping in update folder. USB drives- https://amzn.to/2W1jZmd
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#tech #TVupdate #howto
Gassan Ali : Great video! Can't wait to see more hardcore TV repair stuff. The big TVs out there cost a lot and people are willing to pay to get them repaired. Thank you, I'm learning from you a lot.
Mark Naravas : You’ve given so many great tips; thanks!
Jeff : Great video. Thanks for sharing. Hey, i have the same desoldering device. works great. :)
Warpedcore : what if the current firmware update corrupted while updating your tv and messed your tv up , is there anyway of reinstalling the same firmware?
ernasty1 : Learning a lot from your videos! Question. I have a Vizio m550sv. And it wont turn on picture sometimes when something is hooked up through any HDMI port. With no other devices plugged in. It starts up and stays on, but when trying to bring up menu the response time is very slow. Like an old computer. Then will randomly work fine all day with devices hooked up like theres no issues. Any recommendations what could be the issues? Thank you

LG tv power problem & solution || Led tv repair

#Power #problem #Lgtv
1. Diode check
2. Capacitors check
3. Resistor check
4. Autocuplor check
5. STR check
6. Transistor check
7.fuse check

Lg tv Vertical problem part 2

V56 universal bord fittings. Without software/ firmware

Most useful service code

Panasonic vertical problem

Lg ir connection

Universal remote


Ashokkumar shonky Shonky : So sweet
Binod Keni : Nice
avala venkatesulu : Good.
Krishan Kumar : Lg tv power light blinking problem help me
Ksonline9988 : Hello sir [ Texla Vision] TV ka audio off ho gya thaa repair vale Nye ek wire lga k chla diya thaaa but voice km nahi Hoti ab kya change krna hoga please help me




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